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Welfare (Medicaid) Services

What is a Welfare (Medicaid) Funeral Service:

A welfare (Medicaid) Funeral Service is whatever a funeral home is able to provide for the amount of money the state will pay.  
There is no New Jersey law or regulation that specifically defines what items of goods and services comprise a welfare funeral. We work with our families to provide the best services and we will also donate a casket for the service. 
In New Jersey, who can receive funeral and burial assistance, as well as the maximum amount, is clearly defined by state regulation and is uniform in all counties. However, counties are allowed to use different procedures to determine eligibility, and often do so. For instance, some counties require family members to visit the human services or welfare office and apply for funeral reimbursement in person. Other counties choose to work directly with funeral firms, often by fax or phone. The law does not require anyone to perform a welfare funeral or burial. Funeral Homes are not under any obligation to perform public assistance funerals and have the right to turn them down. Our Families are always welcome to discuss any options on their benefit.

Funeral and Burial Reimbursement Eligibility

In New Jersey there is a list of programs that fit under What can be considered the state’s “welfare umbrella.” only U.S. citizens and qualified alien residents are eligible to participate in state and federal assistance programs. Qualified alien residents are legal immigrants who have lived in the country for at least five years.
An exception to this definition are those aliens in special categories, such as Amerasian immigrants, Cuban or Haitian entrants, refugees, asylees or parolees, who are eligible for immediate assistance. Illegal aliens do not qualify for any state and/or federally-funded assistance programs and therefore, cannot receive funeral and burial moneys from the state. However, they may be eligible for county funeral reimbursement money.

Maximum Amounts for Welfare services
The state will pay up to $2,246 in funeral costs, and $524 in burial costs or crematory expenses, for a deceased welfare recipient who is two years of age or older. Families may supplement these amounts
by up to $1,570.
State law requires funeral directors to secure tentative approval for reimbursement from the appropriate county before proceeding with the funeral and burial.
Families are not required to supplement funeral costs if they do not want to. Families that do have extra funds cannot pay more than $ 1570.